Max Schelling Living Area Sofa Maximum – Turquoise

Max Schelling is a company that specializes in designing and producing furniture. The Max Schelling living area sofa Maximum – turquoise is an example of their design philosophy: to create durable, functional, and beautiful products. This blog post will discuss the features of this product and how it can be used in various settings.

Contemporary Design

This living area sofa in turquoise looks exquisite and will help you create a stunning space. The contemporary design makes the sofa fit seamlessly into any interior and brings out its best qualities beautifully.

The model is made of high-quality materials, which ensure longevity and durability as well as comfort to sit on it for many years to come! It’s one of those few pieces that can truly become an investment in your home decor – if properly taken care of, this item can last for generations.

This living space {Wohnlandschaften} furniture comes with no arms but still has comfortable seating due to enhanced back support from curved lumbar cushions. Additionally, you may choose between two different fabric colors: grey or turquoise to perfectly match your current room theme or preference.

Max Schelling Maximum Turquoise Sofa:

– 100% Polyester; – Wooden legs (beech wood); – Curved lumbar cushions.

Grey+Turquoise Max Schelling Maximum Living Area Sofa:

– 100% Polyurethane foam with dacron wrapping and 35 kg/m^(c) density; – Foam seat: 23kg/m^(c), wooden frame, beechwood veneer, and plywood board.

No matter what design you’re going for – this piece is a great addition that will help you create an inviting living area space right at home! With its low price tag, you get fantastic value for your money with this model!

In Conclusion

The contemporary design fits seamlessly into any interior, bringing its best qualities beautifully. It is worth noting that this living area sofa comes with an option of free delivery to your home or office!