Four Things to Keep in Mind when Engaging in SEO

When you first engage in search engine optimisation (SEO), the volume of things you need to learn can easily intimidate you. A lot of experts have been in the SEO game for many years but they are constantly learning new things as the search engine giant introduces new updates. Fortunately, it is easy to learn SEO if you break down its core fundamentals. Also, you can do SEO effectively if you work with an seo agency singapore. Below are some things you need to learn when you get started with SEO:

Purpose of SEO

SEO is meant to optimise your website to rank it higher in search result pages relevant to your industry. You can start by improving your authority and relevance. You can measure your relevance based on the appropriateness of your content for an incoming query while your authority measures how trustworthy your website is for Google.

Domain and Page Authority

It is important to learn about domain and page authority and the way they can predict the search rankings of your website. The domain authority of your site is a proprietary score of your domain’s trustworthiness. The quantity and quality of your inbound links are factors to consider when calculating your domain authority. Moreover, page authority is quite similar; however, page-specific. It can be used for engineering a link architecture that favours some of your website pages over others.

On-site Optimisation

This form of website optimisation is a collection of techniques for making your site more visible and indexable to search engines. It includes techniques such as title and meta description optimisation to include target keywords.

Content Marketing

Although content marketing is a separate strategy, it has to work hand in hand with SEO. This is because you will need informative and quality content to optimise your target keywords, build the authority of your site, and build a community of recurring audience.