Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Magic Mushrooms That You Must Know!!

Magic mushrooms are also known as Psilocybin mushrooms that are wild or cultivated. It possesses psychoactive properties, which means these mushrooms can make people feel sensations that might not be true. These mushrooms are used for medicinal purposes also. These mushrooms are available for purchase on various online websites. These mushrooms are very helpful to cure many ailments and are very beneficial to overcome depression and anxiety. They cure many mental and physical problems.

Magic mushrooms are considered to be illegal according to the reports.

Benefits of magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms help in overcoming various mental health problems. They are very effective for all kind of diseases that can make you lose your confidence.

Some of the benefits of magic mushrooms are, helps in overcoming depression, helps in decreasing smoking cessation and other addictions as well, helps in overcoming cancer-related psychological distress, etc.

Effects of consuming magic mushrooms

Physical effects: Dilated pupils, Drowsiness, Headaches, Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature, Lack of coordination, Muscle weakness, Nausea, and Yawning

Mental effects: Distorted sense of time, place, and reality, Euphoria, Hallucinations (visual or auditory), Having introspective (spiritual) experiences, Panic reactions, Paranoia, Psychosis, and Nervousness.

Fun facts about magic mushrooms

  • Magic mushrooms are not physically addictive rather they are psychologically addictive.
  • The scientific name for magic mushrooms is “Bald Head!”
  • Mushrooms have a wide spectrum habitat which means they naturally grow on grasses, gardens, animal faeces, and rotten woods.
  • Mushies, liberty caps, shrooms, and boomers are some of the street names for magic mushrooms.
  • Based on archaeological evidence, the consumption of these mushrooms dates back to 7000 years.
  • Magic mushrooms can be brewed as tea.
  • There are certain myths regarding magic mushrooms, which is that they cause kidney failure, brain bleeding, and stomach bleeding.