Improving your Site’s Usability to Boost Ranking

Getting internet users to stay on your website and interact with your content can boost the ranking of your site. This can be done by improving user experience and your site’s usability. When approaching search engine optimisation (SEO) as optimising the site for search engine users, you must pay close attention to user-friendliness. While an SEO consultant offer tips for on-page optimisation, you want to partner with them in exploring the factors that impact website ranking such as efficiency, effectiveness, learnability, and memorability.

To evaluate your site’s effectiveness, see if users can achieve their objectives if they visit your site. But, aside from this, evaluate how quickly they can complete a task. Users who cannot find what they need effectively and efficiently will navigate away. Also, it is important to consider if users learn to navigate your site quickly. Does the site have clickable calls-to-action? Visitors that spend too much time figuring out how to use your site are expected to leave immediately. Lastly, your search engine ranking will be affected by how easily and quickly can users find your site next time they go onto search engines. There needs to be something in your site that users can easily remember to increase your chances of being visited by them again in the future.